Experience the functionality of your BCM in a desktop environment.

Trying out the functionality of your BCM doesn't have to be done in the actual car. The devBoard comprises the inputs and outputs of a vehicle. Thus you can try out your code in a desktop environment.

The devBoard simulates all vehicle inputs and outputs needed for basic functionality of your vehicle. The functionality is supported by the base software and provides an easy way to get to know your BCM as well as to try it out without the need to be in your actual car. The devBoard connects to a 12V source and to the BCM. Once connected, a swithc is used to set the BCM in either of the modes Slave or Master. From thereon, the devBoard simulates the functionality of the comfort functions of your vehicle.

  1. OBD Connector for reading the two CAN bus channels

  2. Main connector towards BCM

  3. Cluster for front lights

  4. Cluster for rear lights

  5. Switch for BCM master or slave setting and button for ignition

  6. Indicatorcluster for wipers, windshield washer, horn and alarm indicator

  7. Main cluster for driver input buttons

  8. +12V connection