Body Control Module

A Body Control Module (BCM) is used in many modern vehicle electrical architectures as a central module to control convenience functionality such as Locks, Lights, Alarm, Input monitoring, Immobilizer e.t.c. The globalXCM BCM is available in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. It is designed to be retrofitted in semi-modern vehicles or as a replacement of the relay-based parts of an older vehicle. The treshold for integration is decreasing with the age of the car but in principal, only the sky is the limit.

The BCM consists of 8 different subsystems (CAN BUS, LIN BUS, Low Current Drivers, Medium Current Drivers, High Current Drivers, WiFI, Bluetooth and Driver Input Monitoring). These subsystems cover most of all needs which can be expected to control the convenience functionality of a vehicle.

The BCM is delivered with a base functionality to control all systems such as lights, alarm, driver input monitoring, CAN bus. The base version with corresponding software can be directly fitted into older vehicles and comprises all basic functionality as well as bluetooth unlocking using a cell phone. Semi-modern to modern vehicles supporting various data buses requires a certain level of integration work but chances are high that someone is already working on your specific vehicle which means you can kick-start your specific work.


Technical Documentation - Revised February 14th 2023

Main Software

CAN BUS definition