Get started with openBCM

Getting started with openBCM is easy. This article describes what you need in order to start wiring up your own wiring harness.

What to buy

  • 1x openBCM - Main unit

  • 1x Wiring Harness

  • 1x Development Board


openBCM utilize the same software as for regular Arduino programming. We recommend to download the latest version of Arduino Studio. The firmware that runs on the actual BCM can be downloaded from our gitHub repository. The firmware is loaded onto the BCM using Arduino Studio.

Development tools

Users who whish to try out modified firmware in a desktop environment is recommended to buy the devBoard which emulates the basic functionality of a vehicle. The devBoard is however not needed for the functionality of the vehicle.

What to do next?

Our next recommendation is to read the technical documentation to get a better understanding on how the openBCM is designed and how it should be integrated in your vehicle. Thereafter, we recommend you to read the other technical articles which can be found in this section.